Stick to a budget by tracking what you spend.

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Where has all my money gone?

Steady the Ship allows you to easily track your spending and helps you stick to a budget.

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How does it work?

Configure budget Categories for all your different expenditures and savings.

Manually track each Transaction you make against it's corresponding budget category.

Use our budgeting Tools to review your spending and understand where you are over or under spending.

No bank integrations?

Nope! We believe the manual activity of recording your spending helps properly understand your spending habits.

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Budgeting tools

Steady The Ship lets you use a suite of tools driven by your transaction data to better understand your spending and budgeting habits.

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Budget Analysis

A quick breakdown of your budget, visualising exactly how much you are spending and saving in each budget category.

Spend Tracker

A visual representation of all your spending over a given period of time. Wondering where you spent all your money in the last month? This is the place to find out.

Budget Value Graph

This graph shows the historic value of your budget totalled across all categories. Great for looking back and understanding the rate at which your savings are increasing.

Savings Forecast

A graph which shows a quick valuation of your savings, assuming the budgeted amount is kept over a period of time.


Steady The Ship offers one easy monthly plan - everything is included and there is no minimum contract.

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